Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming FAQs
? Is Baylor Beach Park open to the public?

Yes, we are open to public.

? How much does it cost to get in?

Monday - Thursday: Adults = $10.00, Senior Citizens = $8.00;
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Adults = $12.00, Senior Cit. = $10.00

? Can we use a credit card?

We accept credit cards at the admission gate and at the concession stand. 

? What is included in park admission?

The use of the park and swimming are included with admission.
Paddleboats, Miniature Golf and Gem Mine are an extra charge. Click here for more Fun Event Information.

? Do I have to pay if I don’t swim?

Everyone entering the park is charged admission.

? If I am swimming, can I leave and get back in?

You need to get a wristband from the office BEFORE you leave the park so that
you can get back into the park without repaying.

? Can I prepay for someone coming later?

No, sorry, it causes a lot of confusion at the gate.

? Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food; however, we do not allow glass
bottles or alcoholic beverages. Click here to check out our Concession Stand!

? Are there grills available?

We have charcoal grills and picnic tables scattered throughout the park. They are
available on a first come first serve basis.

? What happens if it rains?

We don’t close the park if it begins to rain. If there is thunder or lightening in the
area, we call everyone out of the water and when the storm passes, we allow
swimmers to go back into the water.

? Is there fishing?

No, we do not allow/offer fishing at the park.

? Can we bring our own sand toys & floats?

Yes, you may bring your own sand toys & floats; however, floats cannot be

? Can I bring my dog swimming?

No, we DO NOT allow dogs in the swimming area. We do not allow water
park customers to keep their dogs in their car or tied to their car, in the parking lot.



Camping FAQs
? Is the swimming included with the camping?

Swimming is included from the time of Check-In until closing the following day.
RV campers must be off the site by 12:30 pm, but may put their unit in the
designated parking lot until they are finished swimming for the day. Late check-
out may be an option ONLY if no one is expected on that site. Inquiries may be
made in Office before 12:30 pm.

? Do we have cabins?

Sorry, we DO NOT have cabins.

? Do we have RV Campers to rent?

No, it is all bring your own RV.

? Can I have a tent on my RV site?

We do NOT allow tents on the RV sites. (Sorry, we do not offer any tent

? If my friends come to sit by the fire, do they have to pay to get in?

Visitors of campers will need to pay a daily fee. We do have a campsite visitor
rate from 6:00 pm and later. Please ask the office for specifics.

? I am just coming to eat lunch with someone, do I have to pay?

Anyone who enters the park will be charged.

? Do you have a laundromat?

We do not have a laundromat. There is a laundry mat is approximately 2 miles
up the road in Brewster.

? Is there seasonal camping?

No, we don’t offer seasonal camping. 

? Is there a Honey Wagon service? What is a Honey Wagon?

Yes, a Honey Wagon Service is where, for a fee, someone comes to your site
and empties your black (sewer) and gray (sink/shower) water for you. You do
not have to be present when they service your RV on site, as long as you have
no locked cabinets. For best pricing & service, please schedule with us by noon. 

? Is there a camp store at the park?

We do not have a camp store but we do have a concession stand that also sells
some odds and ends, i.e., sunglasses, sunblock, towels, charcoal, etc.